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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Kids have the best Imagination!

Sunday, I volunteered at our church coffee shop. This was a great time to meet new people and learn about myself and the church. You really learn alot about yourself when you agree to volunteer. I learned that I received more than I gave. What a blessing.

During the service a man and his young child came out to sit in the coffee shope because the child was not feeling well. The child was active as most children are, even though he did not feel well. He was about 3 and had a little car with him.

His dad tried to keep him on the sofa quiet, but the child would have nothing to do with this. He had spotted his target and was dead set on making it.

He set his sites on a green area rug that was in front of the sofa. The child slowly and methodically traced all the maze like lines in the rug with his toy car, as if they were streets his car was driving on. He was completely occupied and happy, yet his father continued to direct him back to the sofa to sit.

Not at all happy with this, the young child found a chair and folded a little napkin over one of the railings and made what appeared to be a garage door for his car. Up and down he would take the garage door and drive his car in and out of the area.

Sometimes, as adults we forget to look at the small things in life that can provide us with the most pleasure.

I deal with so many home buyers who want everything NOW and they want it for practically nothing. A little imagination could go along way in making a home that has red paint and dirty carpet your dream home. Sometimes if we will focus on the positive,we can really make a difference.

I challenge all of you to channel your inner child and enjoy the simple pleasures in life, even when looking to buy a home. You may be suprised at what you find.

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