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Saturday, February 19, 2011

You Need A Buyers Agent!

Today was the perfect day for an open house.  Sunny, signs and balloons up and the builder have a big open house as well.  The perfect combination for a successful day to open our listing up for public viewing.
(Note:  There is a second showing on this listing Monday and today is Saturday!  My sell the house if I can or atleast to capture buyers who are needing an agent.)
We had an amazing amount of traffic, enough for two agents to stay busy the entire time!  Lots of people came to see our fantastic listing. walks the mark!  Yes.  This guy freely tells us he has already been in the house and is coming back to see it again on Monday.  He says he knows everything about the house.  We welcome him in and he starts to tell us everything....where he is from, where he works, and that he loves the house.  Then he says he is probably going to get this house next week.  He just talked and talked and talked...telling me everything I needed to know even that he was able to buy higher but he liked this price.  He has just told me everything that I need to know including that he can't find any house he likes better. 
The builders agent calls me to tell me she has sent him over and that he is ready to go up to our price and he is renting and needs to close quickly. 
I love it when so much information that would assist my sellers just falls into my lap.  A gift from the agent who was not with his client while the client was out looking.  I never ask any questions of him and complimented him on having such a wonderful agent.  Of course I did... I wanted this guy to sing like a canary and he did.  Thank you Mr. Buyer for spilling the beans and not even realizing it. 
Boy, I bet this buyers agent would die if he know where his buyer was.  Oh, did I mention that this buyers agent never works on Saturday...I DO!    I never want the buyer to tell the sellers agent everything and more.  We met the kids, know that the house is minutes from his work.  We saw his wife plan where the were putting the furniture and more.  I love this guy!
Folks, this is the reason that you need to have an agent that works for YOU.  One that you do EVERYTHING with.  One that knows all your secrets and does not share with anyone so that when you go to buy that house you can have a better negotiation.  You see, this buyer would not wait on his agent and had to go out on his own because he could not stand it.  Now, he has spilled the beans and has just made my job as the sellers agent so much easier. 
If you are thinking about buying a house.....sign a Buyers Agency with an agent and stick to that agent.  Don't go out on your own.  Don't call other agents.  Don't go to Open Houses with other agents....We represent the seller. 
Need a Buyers Agent....Contact The Sarah Moore Team!
Happy Open House To All!
Sarah Moore, Broker/REALTOR
RE/MAX SIGNATURE PROPERTIES  ~  7752 Gateway Lane, Suite 200  ~  Concord, NC   ~  28027

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