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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Bird Food, Weeds and a Very Upset Husband!

Bird Food Weeds and a Very Upset Husband!

I love birds. Perhaps the fact that my grandmother and father loved them has given me a great appreciation for them. Watching my family feed the birds and the beauty of a crisp winter morning with a cardinal on a branch can be one of the most peaceful things to do.

My husband hates birds. Perhaps it is the mess they leave on his car. If not it must be the money I was spending on bird food from a trendy gourmet bird store near our home.

Of course we have to have the greedy birds at our house. You know the ones. They eat all the time and when they are not eating at my bird feeders they are at the neighbors house cleaning them out. Well.....isn't this what we put the food out there for?

So, to make my wonderful husband happy I switched to the discount food for finches and the the stale seeds for sparrows so forth and so on. Afterall, the yard is his domain.....It looks like a beautiful manicured green carpet. Infact, my husband loves it so much there are times he disappears and you can see him out there....bent over pulling weeds up one by one by one. Seriously he can do this for an hour or longer. That was before the cheap bird food. All this for the love of the yard.

Well...those darn birds were really ticked off at the my change in their daily dietary fare. They would fly by and fly over and stand and stand but the food stayed for days and days...

FINALLY....I guess they just gave up and started eating. Realizing that the gravy train had flown the coup!

No Harm No Foul! Right?

Ha!!! Those birds knew what the deal was well before we did. guessed it WEEDS!!! WEEDS!!! WEEDS!!!

By the time we noticed them they were all over the side of our house outside of our kitchen window. Seems that cheap bird food is filled with filler that the birds WON'T eat. It falls to the ground and there you have it WEEDS!

Yikes! My husband was furious! His precious yard had been invaded by those terrible weeds he had worked years to prevent, and did so until the bird food!

Well, this is not my fault. I wanted to get the food from Wild Birds Unlimited. You know where they sell the fancy bird feeders. I thought the birds were just snobby but turns out it is no fun to have to pick though the food to find what you can eat. I won't do it!

So the lesson learned here is to buy the GOOD FOOD for the BIRDS or your yard will go to the WEEDS!

Sarah Moore, Broker/REALTOR

RE/MAX SIGNATURE PROPERTIES ~ 7752 Gateway Lane, Suite 200 ~ Concord, NC ~ 28027

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