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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cutting off Your Nose to Spite Your Face!

This week my sons 9-10 year old boys basketball team made it into the tournament. They have been playing hard and are excited at a chance to win the championship. This is my sons first time to play basketball and although he is loving it, he is not very good. He has never played sports and struggles to figure out the rules of play. He is not aggressive and his dad's frustration - even ducks when the ball is thrown to him. My son does however display team spirit and determination. He always has a simle on his face, even when they are not doing well or he misses a pass. One of the team parents told me after a game...."I wish all the players had his sweet spirit". I know my son will never be a star player but he has a "star disposition" when it comes to playing the game and that shows his character. I am proud.

A couple of weeks ago, our team played a strong team. There were two star players on the other team, who really ruled the court. If they had the ball our team was in trouble. I could see real talent and competitive spirit. This was a tight game. On the sidelines, a very loud, disruptive parent caught the attention of the parents in the stands. We were distracted by the comments being shouted and the obvious distress this woman appeared to be in. She was aggitated, agressive and loud. Her behavior began to overshadow the game, even distracting the players. At the end of the game (her son's team won and rightly so) she stormed across the court and was yelling at the coach (her husband apparently) and continued to cause a scene and upsetting the boys as well as all the onlookers. The parents on our team ask that if she could not control herself at the games could the league prevent her from coming. She was using foul language as well as being extremely loud. Our coach said he would check into this. (Note: This is not the first time that this mother has caused a scene at the games, but the worst).

The last game before the tournament began, in a great game...a real nailbiter....this woman became increasingly upset. She had a crowd of people she had brought with her and they were egging her on. The woman finally, screaming stormed onto the court and tried to attack one of our teams players because he had fouled her son. She grabbed the child just as the father of our player got there to pull her off of him. Who does this. Who gets to violent during a game that you would grab and threaten a child during the game on the court. This makes we wonder what she does at home with her own son.

Our players were terrified, especially the boy that she grabbed. She was ask to leave and grabbed her son and stormed out. The game was stopped as everyone tried to recover from this violent outburst. Minutes later, she returned again making a scene and she was again ask to leave and refused. The POLICE were called... SERIOUSLY at a 9/10 year old boys basketball game.

As a result of her behavior the other team forfeitted the game and left too. Wow, these poor boys who had played so hard just lost out!

Last night we played that team. The police were there (at the Christian Association Game) to protect us from this crazy mom. The team did not have their coach, the star player or the crazy mom. The two teams play a fabulous game and it was down to one point at the end. Our team one by one point. We have never won against this team. The other team was obviously sad they had lost but were gentlemen at the end.

I am glad that my sons team won the game. They are so excited for a double elimination game today. I wonder what the outcome would have been if the star player had been allowed to finish the season with his team. Would they have won? Who really lost here....everyone! The players on her sons team, her son, her family and the parents of the other players....not to mention the children who she displayed such behavior against.

Her actions cost many people embarrassment and possibly the championship game.

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