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Friday, November 4, 2011

"Fall Back" 2011

I always like the church service the morning after daylight savings time, because so many people forget and come in late! To avoid embarassment this year remember to “fall back” this weekend. Daylight savings time officially ends at 2 AM on Sunday morning, so set your clock back an hour when you go to bed Saturday night.

Most of you are probably relieved to have an extra hour of sleep, but for some it can cause a bit of an imbalance. It can be easier to go to bed an hour later than an hour earlier. Your body seems to tell you it has a little more energy, and you have trouble falling asleep.

Here are some things you can do to this weekend (and beyond) to help you fall asleep quickly, and get a good night’s rest:
  •  Wake up around the same time everyday; doing this will help your body adjust for the amount of sleep you need.
  • Avoid activities that require concentration while you are in your bedroom. Working on your laptop in bed gets your brain up and running, and you may have a harder time falling asleep. Even a TV in the bedroom might be a bad idea.
  • Don’t have any caffeine for a few hours before bedtime (For some people avoiding alcohol at night may also help)
  • Don’t exercise too close to bedtime
  • Don’t go to bed on an empty stomach
Have a great weekend- and enjoy your extra hour of sleep!

Fun Fact: Humans who sleep for 8 hours per night spend 122 days of the year sleeping!

National Geographic Article


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