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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Showin' and a Sellin'....It's Just Me and My .380 Reuger!

So with it being Realtor Safety Month, I thought that I would take this time to write about my safety tips. I generally am not scared of the buyers that I am working with. You see, I build a rapport with them, take a copy of their photo ID and I always leave my daily plan with my assistant. I want to make sure that I leave a trail of where I am just in case. You never know when that soft spoken little woman will go off and get crazy. Oh, and by the way, they all know I'm packing heat, because I was in the paper showing off my fantastic shooting skills with my crazy orange glasses. I would however prefer to pack a hot pink Reuger but my black one with a laser will have to suffice.

I do have my name boldly printed all over my car. I guess that is good for advertising but it would also aid in trying to locate me quickly. Afterall, who could miss the power blue mini van with hot pink Sarah Moore and huge RE/MAX balloons. I am a driving billboard of "here I am...come find me".

Code words that our office uses. Useless! Let's think about it, if I am being attacked the last thing I am going to do is call the office and tell the staff to pull the chart with the code word. Although we all know it, I bet not one of them would pick up on the code word and if I really needed it to be a code word I certainly could not sound scared, like I am trying to hint I am about to be KILLED, wouldn't that ruin the who "code word" idea.

Let's get real people, the majority of people are good, safe and honorable clients just wanting to see homes. Who knows they may just be window shopping or they may be the real deal, but just in case they have bad intentions, you better be ready.

Mace, pepper spray, a tazer and a gun may be the tools you have to keep to stay safe. It is sad that in our world we have to go to such lengths to protect ourselfs. One word of caution, if you carry a personal defense item, please keep it secured and make sure you always practice gun safety..and a gun is "always loaded" no matter what. It is meant for safety and should be treated with great caution and respect.

Another little gem, I carry my cell phone in my bra. Yep, you got it. If some crazy person knocks me out, shoots me or god forbid anything else, I have may phone right there. They will never know it and I can call for help. I have 911 speed dial on my phone.

So, while I am out hoping and haulin', wishin' and a waitin', showin' and sellin'..... I carry my friend "REX", he never lets me down and he is always ready to get fired up! Be safe out there!

Sarah Moore, Broker/REALTOR - CRS, CDPE, SFR, e-Pro RE/MAX EXECUTIVE REALTY 7752 GATEWAY LANE, SUITE 204 CONCORD NC 28027 704-706-4160

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