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Friday, May 20, 2011

Abusing the Due Dilligence Period. Shame Shame Shame!!!

Agents Abusing Due Dilligence Period Ok everyone, the due dilligence period was created to make the playing field a little more level when purchasing and selling a home. This time frame allows the buyer to walk away for any or no reason up until the due dilligence deadline.

Buyers agents, don't abuse the system. Recently I had a buyers agent who had a 30 day due dilligence deadline. He took his sweet time getting the home inspection. This took a bit of time because of the multiple inspecitons going on but that was fine, it is the buyers time to check out the house. It took me a week to get various contractors to come out and work with out of town traveling clients. But we got it worked out.

2 days before the due dilligence period the agent had another inspection. Yes, 2 days. What were you doing the other 28 days. A stucco inspection...could they not see that there was stucco on this house and get it inspected when they did the others. I guess not. So late in the evening, nearing the final hour..... less than 2 days before due dilligence period was up...after we had signed and agreed to repairs...the agent sends ANOTHER DUE DILLIGENCE REQUEST. He was so apologetic..he stated the inspector did the wrong thing so it delayed them a day. SERIOUSLY! Now you are just paying games.

You waited until the final hour to get this inspection hoping to hold my clients hostage in fear you may back out. Well...we have no fear! If you want the house buy it, we are willing to work with you but don't play games at the end.

Then you just wanted the $$$ for the additional repairs. When was the last time you closed on a house and could do that. The seller can't pay the buyer $$$, not off the HUD, not on the HUD not no way not no how. Seriously, do your due dilligence in a timely manner and quit playing games.

This type of behavior is the type that is going to make the due dilligence work poorly in NC. If you have 30 days you don't wait to the last minute to inspect things! You seriously jeopardized this Think about it, if nothing else you look like you did not do your job right the first time.

It is antics like this that make deals fall through and cause unnecessary stress to everyone!

Sarah Moore, Broker/REALTOR

RE/MAX SIGNATURE PROPERTIES ~ 7752 Gateway Lane, Suite 200 ~ Concord, NC ~ 28027

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