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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Check Scrubbing - A Frightening Crime!

I recently received an email from a friend who serves on a community watch in her neighborhood.   She was warning of people getting mail stolen out of their mailboxes.  I have heard of people going through trash cans, but not in mailboxes.  This is a FEDERAL CRIME. 
Then, just last week a past client of mine told me that she was upset because two different checks she put in her mailbox were not received by the companies she sent them to. One of the checks was to her credit card company.  She has had this card for 10 years and this is the first time she has ever been late.  She contacted the company immediately when she received the late notice and explained that she had sent the check and gave them the check number.  She immediately sent another check.  She pleaded to have the late fee removed.  The company did not remove the late fee and cancelled her card.  Yes, CANCELLED IT
Yesterday I saw an article on check scrubbing.  This scam is common apparently.  It seems that crooks steal your mail and take out any checks.  They then use a solution of alcohol and other chemicals to scrub away who the check was written to. (These chemicals can be found at the local drug store).    Then they remove who you wrote the check to and replace it with their name, cash the check and you guessed it….instant money for the crook!   
What should you do?
1.  It is always best to put any mail in the USPS box instead of the mailbox outside your home. 
2.  Use a gel pen.  The gel can't be scrubbed.  How amazing, something as simple as a gel pen can prevent the theft and illegal altering of your check. 

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